Family run Local Locksmith Company guarantees a friendly and efficient service

Friendly efficient service guaranteed from Legend Locksmiths
You can be assured of a friendly, efficient service from Legend Locksmiths.

A very efficient, friendly service from a husband and wife team. Based in Cockfosters we are your Local Locksmith in Barnet. We serve The Borough of Barnet and its surrounding areas. Stock is branded, sourced from recognised suppliers and therefore completely reliable. In conclusion, we will help, so ring for free advice or to arrange a visit.

Local locksmith provides friendly and efficient service.
Sadly no Brad Pitt - but Mr. Pitt is not a locksmith!!!

Legend Locksmiths. Local Locksmiths Working in both the Domestic & Commercial Sectors

Given that we are trading locksmiths we must stress three points.
     Firstly, it really is important to use a local locksmith. Indeed many national companies spend large sums of money to appear local. They are not. You will speak to someone in a call centre with little or no knowledge of the industry. They in turn will send someone unknown to you who may have no experience, be dishonest or both. Low prices given by telesales may well escalate with extra labour charges and ridiculously high prices for parts. There are for example instances on Facebook of this malpractice. Facebook photographs of invoices also show malpractice.
     Secondly, a local locksmith with good reviews (please check ours) will be proud of their reputation and not want to spoil it. In addition, recommendations from family and friends are important.
     Thirdly, if you hire someone from far away and have subsequent problems they may not return to remedy the fault. With a reputable local company there will be no problem.
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We have many satisfied clients in both sectors. These include Sentinel Motor Company, Arnold & Goodall, Barnet Council, Care Homes, Solicitors, Restaurateurs and Landlords.

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