u.P.V.C. Door Lock Repairs

Part Glazed u.P.V.C. Front Door
u.P.V.C. & Composite Doors never need painting but should be lubricated twice each year.

u.P.V.C. Door Lock Repairs are regularly performed throughout Barnet.
Likewise we also work in Southgate, Enfield & Potters Bar.

As a rule the main lock problem? Usually stiff handles!
The Multi Point Lock (M.P.L.) becomes harder and harder to operate over the weeks.
This eventually leads to a gearbox breakage and the sourcing of a replacement.
Sourcing correct parts may prove particularly difficult. Around thirty companies make M.P.L.’s, each company manufacturing up to ten different locks. These locks are available in up to six different backsets giving around 1800 variants.
On top of this some manufacturers do not stamp their logo on the locks. Firstly, as experts we source the correct model from our trade suppliers and secondly even if out of stock delivery will occur the next day.
Of course we also replace handles, cylinders, panels and gaskets.

Broken Gearbox - a case study.

Stiff handles (usually precede gearbox failure).
Therefore the door needs adjusting.
Neglecting this causes the cog to strip teeth from the rack (Top Lefthand).
The door becomes un-openable.
Therefore a simple adjustment now becomes three jobs.
Firstly open the door.
Secondly replace the gearbox and finally adjust the door.
In other words, ‘A stitch in time saves nine.’

Broken gearbox showing stripped cog

Boosting Security On Your u.P.V.C. Door

     Firstly, change the Euro Cylinder. Many cylinders lack security features so exchange them for 1* or 3* high security versions. Some cylinders feature cards necessary to copy keys. In this case we recommend ordering a couple of spares when fitting the cylinder.
     Secondly, fit High Security Handles. These are stronger than ordinary handles and also protect the cylinder.
      Aim for a 3* security rating. Fit 2* handles with the addition of a 1* cylinder to achieve this. A 3* cylinder on its own still achieves the 3* rating.
     Of course, there is nothing to stop you using a 3* cylinder with 2* handles should you wish to.  

Adjusting Your Hinged Door

u.P.V.C. Door Hinge - Adjustable in 3 Directions

As a rule stiff handles indicate your door needs adjusting. Do this sooner rather than later to avoid costly breakages. Modern flag hinges adjust the door in three directions, namely, in and out, up and down and laterally.
Normally, for instance Allen Keys adjust the hinges.
If hinge adjustments prove insufficient we have to heel and toe the door.
Correctly pack the centre panel(s) and the panel becomes structural thus stopping any sagging. Consequently the door sits well in the frame and the locking points engage properly.

Adjusting Your Sliding Door

Sliding doors do not have hinges, instead, rollers under the door slide on a track in the frame. These eventually wear out therefore replacement is necessary.
Adjust by raising /lowering one or both rollers. This will bring the sliding sash parallel to the frame and allow the lock to work smoothly

sliding patio door roller

Patio Door Roller

To replace patio door rollers the door must be removed from the frame. This can be made easier by deglazing the door ie removing the double glazed panel first.

Sliding Patio Door Adjustment

Lubrication and adjustment are essential after roller replacement

Oiling M.P.L. Sliding Patio Door

Oiling M.P.L.

Dont neglect maintenance it saves money in the long run.