Insurance rated B.S.3621 locks are a must; not only to comply with Insurance requirements, but also to help protect your family and possessions. When you need B.S.3621 Insurance  Locks in Barnet call us.

B.S.3621 insurance locks in Barnet. ERA nightlatch.

B.S. 3621 Insurance Locks in Barnet

This ERA B.S. 3621 is an ideal upgrade option. Specifically it meets Insurance Requirements. It is available in different finishes.

Upgraded to meet Insurance Requirements.

B.S.3621 Insurance Locks in Barnet

B.S.3621 Insurance Locks in Barnet

 Door locks – insurance rated B.S.3621 locks are essential. In short, a  claim relies on the correct security.
Firstly, check your insurance policy.
Secondly, make sure you understand it.
Thirdly, make your choices.
Finally, if your policy is  not clear call us.
   To sum up, Insurance Policies vary. Please check yours.


B.S. 3621 Insurance Locks in Barnet and Lock Upgrades for Wooden Front Doors in Barnet.

Two locks are better than oneGenerally speaking, Insurance Companies want Insurance Rated B.S.3621 Locks on front doors. It is usual to fit a Nightlatch together with a Mortice Deadlock lower down the door. Only one needs to be British Standard. A nightlatch is more convenient than a deadlock as it secures the door automatically. Both locks must be locked when the property is empty.
An option for example to a standard deadlock is a Euro Mortice Deadlock. Similar to a standard deadlock, they are fitted in a mortice cut into the door. But they are operated by a Euro Cylinder which can be keyed alike to the nightlatch. One key operates both locks. For more Insurance Guidelines Click here.

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Wooden door with locks

Wooden door with nightlatch & euro mortice deadlock

This door has an upper Nightlatch together with a lower British Standard Euro Mortice Deadlock fitted. Normally the Deadlock would be lower on the door. One key works both locks.

Insurance Rated B.S. 3621 Locks and Lock Upgrades for Wooden Back and Side Doors

Locksmith EN5 Reviews. Good reviews for local locksmith
Union B.S.3621 Sashlock

An ideal Insurance Upgrade.

    Very often these doors have markedly poor locks on them, such as a 2 or 3 lever sashlock. Generally, Insurance Companies will accept the fitting of extra key operated locks near the top and bottom of the door.
    Besides upgrading to an Insurance Rated B.S.3621 Lock we recommend fitting security bolts top and bottom.
    In particular these bolts must be key operated – not just sliding bolts.
    Either surface mount or mortice  bolts are available from various manufacturers such as Union, Yale and ERA.

Not All Locks Meet B.S.3621 For Insurance Purposes. Examples of Non-Insurance Rated Locks

Insurance locks and lock upgrades

Ingersoll Cylinder

Great locks but not B.S. rated.

Chubb Deadlock- ideal for a lock upgrade

Chubb 3g115

Medium security.

These locks need upgrading for Insurance Purposes

Traditional Style

Very low security.

If you want a lock changing in Barnet call us!

Medium Security Sashlock

Upgrade for Insurance.

Non Insurance cylinder

Yale Rim Cylinder

Not high security.

Non B.S. Euro cylinder deadlock fitted by local locksmith in wooden door

Euro Cylinder Deadlock

Suitable for internal doors.

Insurance Rated B.S.3621 Locks & Lock Upgrades for u.P.V.C. and Composite Doors

Basically, different standards apply to u.P.V.C. and composite doors and frames. Whereas PAS 24 is a minimum standard doors (and windows). have to meet – Click here,.

Secured By Design (S.B.D.) Click here is the official police security initiative that works to improve the security of buildings.Their logo can be seen stamped on good quality products. BS EN 1303 applies to the cylinder fitted in the Multi Point Lock. It takes into account, for example,  build quality, corrosion resistance and security features.
All this is quite confusing so the best thing to do is check your Insurance Policy and contact us to clarify any points you are unsure of.
Undoubtedly, overall, the simplest system to understand is the star rating applied by The British Standards Institute. TS 007 uses a star rating for cylinders and handles together with the well known kitemark. See below for a more in depth description.We will of course visit you free of charge to discuss any queries or upgrades you require.

Insurance locks.ATK Cylinder

An easy upgrade to 3* security. Similarly, Thumbturn versions are also easily available.

    Significantly these doors utilise a Multi Point Lock (M.P.L.). Ordinarily one movement of the handle activates a number of locking points. The handle is then prevented from moving by locking the Euro Cylinder (Barrel).
    Achieve the recommended  TS 007 3* security level by fitting a 3* cylinder or a 1* cylinder together with 2* handles.
    1* and 3* cylinders provide greater security compared to unrated cylinders because they have anti-drill pins, anti-pick pins and sacrificial sections as well as other security features. Some need key registration and/or come with a card to make unauthorised key copying very hard.

Lock upgrades enhanced with 2* security handles.

Hoppe 2* Handles

Upgrade security with 2* handles. They are more solid and have stronger fixings. For example note the cylinder guard that makes attack harder.

Sliding Patio Door Security

Although these doors will normally have a Multi Point Lock it is easy to enhance their security. First we recommend checking your Insurance Policy. Your existing lock may comply; however you may well wish to increase security for peace of mind. Tried and trusted methods are to upgrade the euro cylinder to a 1* or 3* version and to fit dedicated sliding patio door bolts, both at the top and bottom of the door. Older doors may require the fitting of Anti-Lift Blocks which stop the lifting of the door off its track and allowing entry to burglars.