Garage locks in Barnet. Garage and shed security is so easy to overlook. See our advice below.

Garage Locks in Barnet. We Supply, Fit & Repair.

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 It is easy to overlook garage and shed security. Security on garages and sheds is most important for two reasons. Firstly, because     valuable items could be stolen. Secondly because a burglar could use your things to break into your house!!! For example a spade   may be used to lever open a door or window. We recommend chaining ladders firmly to walls or concrete floors.

Garage locks in Barnet. We replace broken handles.
We repair broken garage door handles in Barnet.

     The most common garage door lock is the ‘T’ Handle. The lock is within the handle. Turn the key then turn the handle to unlock and open the door. Many models and makes of this type of handle exist. If a handle breaks or becomes very worn we can replace it. If keys are lost we can pick the lock and then replace the handle. A new handle obviously comes with new keys.
      The handle connects to link arms that then withdraw bolts from the frame. This in turn allows the door to open. If a breakage occurs we will be able to fix it.
The cables on each side of the door can eventually break.Whenever this happens it is important to replace them in pairs.We do this too. Using cables from stock or ordering them in. Parts normally arrive the next day. We then arrange a convenient time to fit them.

Two Ways To Increase Your Garage Security

The ‘Garage Defender’ is  highly visible. Securely fix by bolting to a concrete pad or similar. To open the door unlock the padlock and then remove the ‘T’ bar. Garage Defender is a ‘Sold Secure’ product.

Locksmith EN5.Garage locks in Barnet. garage defender
The Garage Defender is an excellent visual deterrent.
Garage locks in Barnet
Enfield garage bolt

Enfield Garage Door Bolts are sold in pairs. One bolts securely to each side of the door. The bolts travel a long way into the frame. This increases security significantly.

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As Well As Repairing Garage locks In Barnet We Also Supply And Fit Shed Locks.

Wooden shed doors

      Most shed doors are wooden, therefore they will accept most locks. Because of this personal choice plays a big part. We are only a ‘phone call away so ring to discuss your needs. Being a Local Locksmith we can easily pay you a visit at no cost to yourself.
     Shed doors usually open outwards. Therefore the hinges are on the outside. It is important not to be able to unscrew them. It is a good idea to fit hinge pins. These stop someone lifting the door out if the hinges are cut with a grinder.
     Do not forget burglars can also gain entry via windows. Therefore do not neglect their security. Once they are in the large door is simple to open.

Steel Shed Doors

     We occasionally see shed doors made of steel. These usually utilise a Mortice Sashlock in a steel case. If this case is bolted to the door repair is fairly simple. If on the other hand the case is welded to the door it is awkward. First we remove the case by cutting the welds. Next we either repair or replace the lock. Finally we weld the case back onto the door.

uPVC Shed Doors

There appears to be a growing trend for building block or brick sheds in Barnet. Fitting uPVC doors and windows is very common. Often manufacturers poor quality cylinders to their doors. Please visit our ‘Insurance Locks & Lock Upgrades’  page  for more information on increasing security.