Key safes come in various shapes and forms. Of course all offer secure storage for keys but some are better than others. Legend Locksmiths supply and fit key safes in Barnet and its surrounding areas.

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Supra C500 Key Safe

Fantastic for carers!!!


   We supply and fit  key safes in Barnet.They are without doubt an excellent way of granting access to people such as carers.
It is no longer safe to leave keys under a flower pot!!! Useful for carers, holiday lettings or Air BnB to name but a few.
      It is important to realise that the code is very easy and quick to change on the models below.
The Supra C500 and the Supra P500 are the only models on the market to receive Police Approval.
     They both meet LPS 1175: Issue 6, Security Rating 1 by a third party.
Furthermore both are ‘Secured By Design’ which is the Police Accreditation. Consequently these safes are meant to be ‘as secure as your front door’.
     Both are mechanical digital models ie push buttons to open. Above all it is essential to mount them out of sight and very securely on a masonry wall. Also fixing bolts must avoid the mortar joints which are weak.
     The P500 is more secure and also more expensive. It has steel reinforcement, anti saw and anti drill features together with a plate that protects the code change workings.
     They are also very handy if you lose or forget your keys!!!

Less Expensive Key Safes

Whilst we do not recommend fitting lower security key safes on external walls we recognise the need for cheaper models. Many manufacturers produce them, including, Zone, Master and Bunnings. All should be fixed into the brick, block or stone with good quality plugs and screws/bolts. Generally speaking if the screws or bolts are hard to insert the fixing is sound. Ideally mounting should be on a flat section of wall so as to make levering off difficult.

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