As Local Locksmiths we are often asked to fit Gate Locks in Barnet. We are of course always happy to do this on any type of gate and will make suitable recommendations.

We Supply and Fit All Types of Gate Locks in Barnet

Gate locks in Barnet.Wooden gate lock.

Heavy Duty Gatelock

Legend Locksmiths regularly fit gate locks, for instance this one is on a garden gate in Enfield. This lock operates from both sides - a good security measure.

Gate locks should be fitted to wooden gates. Ordinary locks can cause problems as wood swells and shrinks with rain and sun. Therefore there must be some play to allow for this movement. The lock pictured allows for this and is our first choice for wooden gates.      Obviously on occasion circumstances do not allow for easy fitting. However our knowledge and experience of fitting gate locks in Barnet always results in a satisfactory conclusion. Not to mention another happy customer!

External View of Gate Lock

Of course specific handles are available for this gate lock. However one was unnecessary here due to a pre-existing handle lower down the gate.

Mechanical & Electronic Digital Gate Locks in Barnet.

gate locks in Barnet.Mechanical digital lock on steel gate.

Mechanical Digital Gate Lock in Barnet

Security and Access Control provided by this Borg Gate Lock.

Digital Gate Locks are available in both Mechanical and Electronic forms. Fitting is possible to both wood and steel gates.No keys to lose and codes are changeable whenever necessary. Click here for a code change example.
Steel gates require their locks either welding or bolting securely to them. If bolting the lock, bolt heads must be inaccessible after locking the gate. Bolting is certainly the best fixing method. It allows easy removal of the gate lock for maintenance or renewal. Legend Locksmiths have engineering skills and equipment.  Therefore we are able to fix either ‘weld on’ or ‘bolt on’ gate locks.

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This review taken from 'My Builder' website

Replacement of metal key unit + welding Fencing Called same day and agreed a date to check the job. I wasn’t there but Simon dealt with my family members no worries. Gave me a quote as promised that morning detailing everything, with options. Completed the job amazingly. We didn’t even have to meet in person. Seriously, with people like Simon around you can have a lot of confidence your job will get done well.
rsh_98 – 29th Jul, 2017 Positive feedback.

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