Keyed Alike Locks

Mortice Lock Key & Rim Cylinder Key

Common Key Types

Impossible to have keyed alike locks with different keys like this.

  Keyed Alike Locks (also known as Keyed to Pass)  offer great convenience, allowing one key to open more than one lock.
  Sadly not all locks can be keyed alike.
    Keying alike two Union B.S. 3621 Mortice Deadlocks is possible.
    Keying alike a Union B.S. 3621 and a Securefast B.S.3621 Mortice Deadlock is not.
    It is possible to key alike an ERA 6 Pin Euro Cylinder and an ERA 6 Pin Rim Cylinder.
    Whereas it is not possible with an ERA 6 Pin Rim Cylinder and a Yale 6 Pin Rim Cylinder.

 The easiest way of keying alike locks on a wooden door is to fit a British Standard 3621 Euro Mortice Deadlock in place of the original mortice lock. The cylinder of the Nightlatch can then be changed to match the lower Euro Deadlock.

keyed alike locks wooden door

For Wooden Doors

No problem arose keying alike and fitting locks to this door. Firstly, came the fitting of a B.S.3621 Euro Mortice Deadlock to comply with Insurance Requirements. Secondly the upper Rim Cylinder was removed and a replacement keyed alike cylinder installed. Usually we fit one lock around one third of the way from the top of the door and the other one ,one third of the way from the bottom of the door. Personal circumstances of the homeowner obviously meant the fitting of these locks closer together than normal.

We regularly key alike locks for u.P.V.C. domestic doors, usually at the rear of the house so one key opens patio and kitchen doors. Keying alike u.P.V.C. doors at the front normally involves the porch and inner door.

Legend Locksmiths DO NOT recommend keying alike front and back doors. If a break in occurs at the rear of the property and a key found in a rear door, it could then unlock the front door and hence facilitate the theft of your property. Another good reason  not to leave keys in locks!!!

Keyed Alike Single Euro Cylinders

Keyed Alike Single Euro Cylinders

Low Security Single Euro Cylinders changed and upgraded by Legend Locksmiths. Original fitting was into two Sliding Grilles. Hence the need for key operation on one side.

Great convenience every day for little cost. We can either key alike existing cylinders or replace them with keyed alike high security models. We will also cut any extra keys you may need.
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Keyed Alike Double Euro Cylinders

Keyed Alike Double Euro Cylinder

We replaced these keyed alike cylinders in a pair of patio doors. Also the homeowner decided to upgrade them to a higher security version at the same time.

2 Keyed Alike Deadlocks

These two Keyed Alike Deadlocks are to be fitted top and bottom to an inner door on a commercial property. No need to fiddle with different keys or mark them – one key does both! These are Union (formerly Chubb) 3g114 Deadlocks, they used to have the B.S.3621 rating for Insurance Purposes. Modification became necessary as the B.S. changed causing the lock to evolve into the Union 3g114e which is now one of the best deadlocks available.

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