For your safety and security do not delay when you need  a lock changing in Barnet  –  call Legend Locksmiths. No call out charge or VAT.

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When should I change my locks?

Without doubt all of the above situations require the changing of locks.

This is also the ideal time to upgrade your locks.Thus increasing security of family and possessions. Of course peace of mind is equally important!

A lot of our work is lock changing in Barnet, above all when people move house. Secondly when keys are lost or stolen. Sadly on occasion we have to change locks when a household member or family moves out under unfortunate circumstances.


When you live in Barnet and need a lock changing you can rely on Legend Locksmiths

     Whatever the situation Legend Locksmiths will treat you kindly and fairly. We will give you a quote (not an estimate) for the work you want doing and if it is acceptable agree a time and date to do the work.
     Generally when changing locks consider upgrading them too.
It is most important to check your insurance policy. By all means contact us if you are not sure about the wording in it or the types of lock they mention.
       It will be cheaper to upgrade your locks now whilst changing them rather than at a later date.
Another key point is we carry a lot of locks in stock with prices to suit every pocket. However if an item is not in stock we will usually get it the following day.


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