uPVC Window Repairs

We often make uPVC Window repairs in and around Barnet. Overall our van carries many spare parts allowing us to carry out most repairs on the first visit. In the event that other parts are necessary we can normally take delivery the next day from one of our trade suppliers.


uPVC window repairs.Broken gearbox

Broken Window Gearbox

Keep locking points lubricated to avoid this.

Without doubt the most common window problem is a broken gearbox.
    Lack of lubrication  makes the handle hard to use.
This in turn puts even more strain on the gearbox which eventually fails.
    In view of this makers recommend lubrication twice a year.
Generally breakage occurs when opening the window.
    The first step towards repair is to open the window.
We may use wires for this purpose or other tried and trusted methods.
    The second step is to replace the gearbox – on occasion the sash may need removing. To do this we use a tool called Sashmate.
    After fitting a new gearbox adjustments are made and both locking points and hinges lubricated.

    Window handle replacement is a regular job for Legend Locksmiths when repairing windows.
    We have handles in stock so the repair is quick and simple.
If our handles are not a match for existing ones we offer three options.
    Firstly, if it is the only window in the room, it may be of no concern.
Secondly, we can source an exact match.
    Thirdly, change all the window handles on that window or in that room. Obviously this costs a little more but you then have spare handles if another breaks.
    If we do need to source an exact match we will temporarily fit a sash jammer, thus allowing you to temporarily secure the window.

uPVC Window Repaira, broken Handle

Broken Window Handle

Lubrication extends handle life as well.

uPVC Window Repairs, Damaged hinges

Damaged Friction Stays

Lubrication equals long life.

uPVC Window Repairs to damaged hinges are quite common.

    This damage is usually preventable. Lubrication and /or adjustment is the key. A little spray lubricant on the pivot points and slides often cures stiffness. If not adjustment of the slide screw should do the trick.
     In the event  your hinges (also called Friction Stays) need replacing call us. Cheap hinges can be upgraded to restrict opening for child safety or easy cleaning from the inside.

We replace glass panels

Old Misted Panel

Before replacement.

    Replacing misted panels (Double Glazed Units -DGU’s) improves visibility greatly and overall improves both thermal and sonic insulation.
    Misting can occur when the spacing bar adhesive breaks down allowing water vapour in. This condenses and leads to water droplets on the glass. If bad, runs will occur
    It is important when fitting replacement DGU’s to pack them. This avoids them sitting in water. It is also essential on side hung windows to enable smooth closing and locking.

uPVC Window Repairs, Replaced DGU

New Panel

What a difference!!!

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